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Services (Heavy Duty, Commercial, Fleet, Hydrovac, Independent, Equipment, Construction)

Lube Services
Mobile Oil Change Alberta

STOP wasting your valuable time scheduling and visiting dealerships for services.


STOP paying wages to have employees sitting at a lube shop.


Whether you are looking for a basic oil change or multiple services we will provide exactly what you want.


We keep you operating with NO downtime.

We don't care if you have 1 unit or multiple units. No work is too small.


Mobile Delvac
Oil Filters
Preventive Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance Edmonton

Our Preventive Maintenance Program is affordable and efficient. It can be combined into a scheduled Lube service, "A" Service or Monthly Inspection to remain compliant with CVSA and DOT.​

We don't make money on your repairs therefore you can count on honest reports and findings.

We take pride in keeping you safe and your operations running smoothly. Therefore by giving you notice on deficiencies you are able to plan and manage your work.

Only $114.75 per inspection, grease job included (up to Tri-Axle)

NOTE: checklists are always tailored to meet your specific fleet requirements

Fleet Management System
Fleet Management Alberta

NuQuart Oil has it's own in house fleet management system (FMS). We designed this with simplicity in mind to help you track and keep a history of all your maintenance and service intervals in one place.

When we service your truck we automatically start and use your FMS. The system is FREE for you to use also as long as you use our services. If you stop using our services the FMS is still available to you at a very affordable price.

See more for complete details.

Lubricants (Sales & Delivery)
Edmonton Heavy Duty Service

Due to the nature of our business we have been given the opportunity to offer you very competitive pricing on Mobil lubricants. We are working closely with Blue Water Group of whom is Canada's largest distributor of Mobil products. Working with Blue Water Group means we can offer you fast and efficient service and delivery with a fantastic product line giving us all the opportunity to save money and continue building business relationships.

FREE Local delivery (min order - $400+tx)

SPECIALS - December 2016
Oil Sale

Mobil Delvac 15W40


18.9L Pail - $68.04/pail

Min order $400.

Free delivery

Diesel Exhaust Fluid CBluO


10L Jug - $14.76/Jug

Min order $400.

Free delivery

Items may be combined for $400 Min Order/Free delivery

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